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Founded in 2016 in memory of Phoebe Rose Doull-Hoffman, the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation raises awareness and funds for childhood cancer research and in support of families travelling for treatment.

Phoebe’s family and the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation aim to foster positive change within the childhood cancer community. Their mission is to support travel for families seeking treatment (more than 200 kms) and to raise childhood cancer research funds with a focus on hard-to-treat and cure childhood cancers.

After seven years of operation, Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation decided to integrate with Kindred Foundation. Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation and Kindred Foundation have worked closely together over the past few years and both Foundations are closely aligned in their missions (U-Link Patient and Family Fund and the DECRYPT Research Grant). 

Phoebe Rose Rocks will still remain focused on its mission and quest for a cure for every child with cancer. They will still have the same presence where they will host fundraising events, support families travelling for treatment, fund research for hard-to-cure cancers, and bring awareness. However, funds donated to the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation will now be directed through Kindred Foundation. The Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation board members will join a committee with members of Kindred Foundation to make funding decisions.

Kindred Foundation will also run the Family Support Package program started by the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation.

You can donate to the Phoebe Rose Rocks Committee by selecting "Phoebe Rose Rocks Committee" in the drop-down on the donation page.

Phoebe Rose was born on August 8th, 2010. A beautiful, healthy and strong baby girl. Just over two months later, she was diagnosed with mixed lineage (MLL+) infantile leukemia. 

She lived life to the fullest and although she had cancer; she was not a sick girl. She was feisty, determined and brave. To know Phoebe was to love her.

Phoebe taught us to love greatly, to laugh even when it’s hard, to always find time to play, to live without fear, and to always look for the joy. Her journey with cancer taught us to never give up and opened our eyes to the need for more research for better treatment options and cures.

The Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation was founded in honour and memory of Phoebe Rose. Phoebe would often say that living with cancer as a child was “not okay” – this is our way of helping to #MakeItOk.

Phoebe Rose: Warrior and Artist. 

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