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Say Hi to Molly!

Molly is the mascot of Kindred Foundation and the sweet face for all of our programs and projects that involve children. She is a happy and loving golden retriever.

Molly's beautiful gold colour is also the colour of childhood cancer awareness.

Molly loved people, swimming, eating, chasing bikes….. but her favourite thing was tennis balls. Her family bought close to 500 tennis balls during her lifetime. She would sleep with a ball in her mouth, she would play with the ball on her own or she would patiently wait for someone to use the tennis racquet to hit the ball so far away you were not sure she would find it – but she always did.

Molly was such a kind soul – somewhat bashful and passive but also glowing and vibrant. She had the confidence to know that when play started – she could outlast anyone. Her joy for the water and chasing balls into the lake created many “photo” moments with her sailing through the air before landing in the water.

Everyone loved Molly. She would demonstrate devoted loyalty to anyone who was committed to throwing the tennis ball for her! Molly’s excitement to go to the cottage, dog park, or anywhere in the car was awesome – to be included in family plans was the driving force of her happiness – and she was included in almost everything.

Molly had the best possible life. She was surrounded by love, she became an actress, she had two sisters (Mabel & Abby), she cared deeply for her family and best of all – she had as many tennis balls as she wanted!

Thank you Molly.

The image of Molly was designed by Kelsey McDougall.