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In 2021, Kindred Foundation established the Kindred Cares Grant to help fund programs, projects, research and operations in the area of hospice, palliative, and end-of-life care for adults and/or children with life-limiting conditions. The Kindred Cares Grant

Kindred Cares Grant 2023 - Now closed for 2023 


The Kindred Cares Grant is administered and managed by Kindred Foundation.  The amount allocated each year will vary; however, the goal is to grow the Kindred Cares Grant as an important funding initiative in Kindred Foundation. 



To help fund programs, projects, and/or research in two areas, each of which has a separate stream of funding as detailed below:


Funding Stream One: Pediatric Palliative Care Across Canada

Children with life-limiting conditions who currently receive or might benefit from palliative care in Canada.  This may be a pediatric-focused hospice, program, and/or research project.


Funding Stream Two: Adult Hospice Care in Ontario

Hospice care with both residential and support programs.  For adult-focused hospice care, this is for within Ontario only.  


Overall Information

The application window for 2023 is now CLOSED. 

Download the full application guidelines and eligibility (PDF).

Please contact us if you have any questions.