Our Mission

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Supporting the now while providing funding for an improved tomorrow.


To boldly advance cures, treatments, and supports for children and adults experiencing health and life challenges in our community.


To effectively match philanthropy with community needs through collaboration and partnership.

100% of donations are allocated to our charitable purpose

Kindred Foundation assists those in a time of need and supports strategic initiatives to reduce illness. Kindred’s leadership team and board of directors are committed to effective giving by uniting around a common purpose and engaging in strategic philanthropy through careful management and control of Foundation assets. To ensure sustainable giving the Foundation is built on a solid financial endowment modelKindred Foundation was formed in 2019 and became a public foundation in 2021.


Kindred Foundation works diligently to uphold a core set of values.  We believe in, and value:

Kindness and compassion

We believe that kindness is the most important value.  Kindness is our foundation.

Collaboration and partnership

We operate on trust and humility to ensure that relationships are built with respect.

Accountability and clarity

We practice open communication and information sharing.

Innovation and excellence

We have an unwavering commitment to excellence, in all forms. We believe in continuous learning and always work to find solutions.  We are not complacent.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We embrace acceptance in all forms.

Who is Kindred Foundation? 

We are a Canadian Foundation dedicated to investing in three key pillars:

How does the Foundation work?

We implement and fund high-impact evidence-based programs and projects using:

Who do we help?

Children, adolescents and young adults within the areas of cancer, mental health and physical health.  

Our communities, most notably in areas of palliative care and food security.