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The Family Support Package program was started by the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation and is now a joint program with Kindred Foundation and the Phoebe Rose Rocks Committee.  The Family Support Package provides $350 worth of gift cards to help families with the cost of gas, food, and other expenses when their child is in cancer treatment.  

Phoebe and her family had to frequently leave home to access care for Phoebe and they know how lonely and difficult this can be. Phoebe loved getting mail, and when a care package arrived, it always brightened her day.

Since the start of the program, hundreds of Family Support Packages have been provided to childhood cancer families across Canada, with a special focus on families who have to travel long distances with their child to access treatment.

In June 2024, Tali's Fund partnered with Kindred Foundation for the Family Support Package program. Packages contributed by Tali's Fund will go to families who have a child diagnosed with brain cancer. 

The Family Support Package is provided to families through their Social Worker or Resource Navigator at their local hospital.  If you are a family in cancer treatment in Canada, please reach out to your Social Worker or Navigator about this program.  If your hospital is interested in having this program as part of the care offered to childhood cancer families, please reach out to us.  We would love to bring the program to your hospital.

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