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Good physical health can lead to improved mental health and good mental health can lead to better physical health.

How is Kindred Foundation making an impact on youth mental and physical health?

Youth are at the age of massive development physically and mentally, their bones are growing at the same time that their brain is developing. It is key that this stage is not overlooked.

Youth Mental and Physical Health Projects Funded by Kindred Foundation

  • Evidence-based peer support mental health programs for youth.

  • Suicide prevention programs and services.

  • Research into the benefits of physical activity for childhood brain cancer survivors.

  • Programs and research on physical activity benefits for children with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

Why is Kindred Foundation concerned about youth mental and physical health?

Youth Mental Health

Youth have unique mental health challenges and they need help. Accessing services can be burdened with too many barriers that we need to help remove.

Youth Physical Health

Not enough Canadian youth are meeting national physical activity guidelines. Physical health programs and services are needed for everyone.