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Kindred Foundation is dedicated to making positive change in peoples' lives.  We believe in supporting youth, funding initiatives related to health, and enhancing communities.

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We care deeply for the well-being of people and children, specifically those who are impacted by health and life challenges.  We value diversity, inclusion, and compassion in every aspect of our work.  Overall, kindness and compassion are at the heart of everything we do.  Our hearts are filled when we connect with people and focus on unity, not division.


We are continually working to understand and learn from communities with unmet needs so we can work together to develop a vision and strategy that will address inequities and provide meaningful support.  This is accomplished by listening to the quietest person in the room, seeking out a diversity of voices, looking at the problem and possible solutions from multiple angles, and ensuring that community members are co-decision makers through the entire process.


We don’t shy away from tough and, dare we say, “intractable” problems.  We put checks in place so we don’t get paralyzed by the details; we act when we see a pathway to a solution.  When you know your why, the how is the focus.  We see beauty in creative solutions and recognize these come with hard work and unseen sacrifices.  If we see that others have a solution, we are there to support them.  If we have a solution, we look for others to partner with us.

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