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2022: Funded Programs and Giving


Total Giving for 2022

$1.3 Million

Total Giving Since Inception

$8 million

Endowment Fund Value at the end of 2022


Disbursement Quota (3.5% required for 2022)


Unique Charities Supported Since Inception


Unique Charities Supported in 2022

Childhood Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

DECRYPT: Defeating Embryonal Cancer in Young People Together 

The ACTION Consortium: Funding Neuroblastoma Cancer Research

Childhood Blood Cancer Research Innovation Grant

Learn more about how Kindred Foundation is funding childhood cancer initiatives

Youth Mental and Physical Health

Mental and Physical Health Initiatives Supported by Kindred

Fit ABCS Clinical Trial by the Mabbott Lab at SickKids: Funding for a clinical trial examining the effectiveness of the Fit ABCS online portal that aims to promote brain repair for childhood brain tumour survivors by fostering physical activity.  Kindred Foundation also helped fund the development of the Fit ABCS online portal.

Adventure4Change: Address issues related to poverty and inequity for children, youth, and families. A4C serves racialized families living in Waterloo, Ontario through youth programming, leadership development, and community building.

It Gets Better Canada: To uplift, empower, and connect Two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (2SLGBTQ+) youth across Canada through storytelling and building community.  It Gets Better Canada (IGBC) highlights stories of hope, resilience, and determination from the 2SLGBTQ+ community and their allies.

Just Be You:  Peer-based mental health support for youth at two locations in Halton that is youth-led and youth-focused.  Focus on mental wellness through peer support and social recreation, including exploring strengths and learning wellness strategies.

Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council: The Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council is a community-based non-profit working to improve awareness of and engagement in suicide prevention within the Waterloo region and beyond to reduce suicide and its impact. 

Youth Mental Health Grant:


Community Support

Kindred Foundation Programs: 

Kindred Cares Grant:

Treats & Treasures Cart

U-Link Patient and Family Fund

Cancer Support Programs: 

SickKids Oncology Resource Navigator: 

Childhood Cancer Canada Benevolent Fund:

Wellspring Cancer Support: 

Food Security: 

Burlington Friday Meal and Hub (Ontario): A collective dining experience surrounded by mental and physical health supports for families and individuals experiencing food insecurity in Burlington, Ontario and surrounding area.  Kindred provides operational support and in-person volunteer hours.

YWCA Peterborough and Haliburton Nourish Program (Ontario): Nourish combines dignified access to nutritious food, gardening, and cooking skills along with programming designed to empower individuals to advocate for themselves and others and grow a just food system for all.

Weston Area Emergency Support (WAES) (Ontario): A collaboration of local churches in the Weston, Ontario area provides a food bank for individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. 

2021: Funded Programs and Giving


Total Giving for 2021


Total Giving Since Inception

$8.9 million

Endowment Fund Value at end of 2021


Endowment Fund Returns for 2021


Charities Supported in 2021


Kindred Foundation Programs Created

Childhood Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

Youth Mental and Physical Health

Community Support

Kindred Foundation Programs 

Cancer Support Programs

Food Security

Hospice and Palliative Care

Youth Health Programs

2020: Funded Programs and Giving

2019: Funded Programs and Giving

Youth Mental and Physical Health