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In the fall of 2022, Kindred Foundation began having important conversations about expanding our youth mental and physical health pillar to include youth living with a physical disability.  In 2023, we formed an advisory committee, met with organizations and experts across Canada, and did a lot of listening.  We conducted a landscape analysis to understand what kind of mental and physical health supports are currently available for youth living with physical disabilities, the challenges they experience, and areas of unmet need.    

Interestingly, we are looking at the physical and mental health needs of youth living with a physical disability in both Canada and New Zealand.  Jaden and Neil Movold, members of our advisory committee (see below for more details), have Canadian roots but live in New Zealand.  Jaden is an ambassador for a number of organizations focused on the mental and physical health of youth living with physical disabilities.  Jaden and Neil also conducted a similar landscape analysis in New Zealand to understand the organizations and supports currently available for youth.

Next Step: Listening to Canadian Youth Living with Physical Disabilities and their Families

We now need to listen to and learn from youth living with physical disabilities and their families.  In January 2023, we launched a survey to do just that.  If you are a youth living with a physical disability, or a parent/caregiver of a youth living with a physical disability, we would greatly appreciate your time and expertise to help us understand more about what is working, what isn't working, and what needs to be done to better support your physical and mental health needs.  

What Happens After the Survey? We will:

If You Would Like to Learn More, Please Contact Us!

If you have information you would like to share, are interested in partnering on this initiative, or have any other comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to Antonia at

[Please note: At this time, we are a growing charity, and as much as we would like to support children with all disabilities, we know that we need to have a smaller focus to begin. In time, we hope to grow this focus to include youth with all disabilities.]

Advisory Committee: Meet the Experts Guiding Kindred

Jaden Movold 

Jaden Movold is a young man who lives life with an abundance of positivity, generosity, and determination.  Aside from being a 19 year old, Jaden is an ambassador, an athlete, a leader, an advocate, and a fundraiser. Jaden lives with Spina Bifida and a rare condition called VATER Association. Jaden has achieved so much in his young years and has the ambition to one day represent New Zealand at the Paralympics in wheelchair track racing.  Jaden also aspires to be an inspirational speaker and change-maker.  Through sharing his story, he hopes to inspire all young people to follow their dreams and stand up for what they believe in; and he would love to influence policy-makers and organizations to ensure those with disabilities have their voices heard.  Jaden and his father, Neil, are passionate about supporting youth with physical disabilities in their home country, New Zealand.

Josh Cassidy 

Joshua Cassidy was born November 15th, 1984. He came into the world fighting a non-congenital cancer which primarily affects children, neuroblastoma. The doctors told his parents that their newborn had a narrow chance of survival. Perhaps through a combination of medicine, family prayer, and a will to live, Joshua won miraculously. The damage done to his spinal cord left his legs partially paralyzed. Where many saw obstacles ahead, this young boy saw opportunities. This blessing gave him the blocks needed to overcome hardships and build a life of success, love, and happiness. Josh Cassidy is a successful three-time Paralympian in wheelchair racing. He brings an incredible wealth of knowledge about the Canadian disability space. 

Neil Movold 

Neil Movold, a native of Waterloo, Ontario, embodies the spirit of giving, service, and civic duty - values deeply ingrained in him since childhood. His journey has been one of purpose and impact, transcending the boundaries of his business career to embrace a cause close to his heart. The birth of his son, Jaden, marked a pivotal moment in Neil's life, steering his community efforts towards a noble and personal mission: improving the quality of life for youth living with disabilities. These days, Neil focuses a lot of his time on supporting Jaden on his journey to reach the Paralympics and use sport as a platform to enable him to be a change-maker in building a more inclusive society.

Additional members of the advisory committee include: Jack Donovan, Leah Monette, and Antonia Palmer.