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What is U-Link:

The U-Link.care clinical trial database provides information about phase 1 and 2 clinical trials in pediatric haematology and oncology in Canada.  For more information, please visit the U-Link website

What is an interventional clinical trial? 

An interventional clinical trial is where a new type of drug, treatment or intervention, or a new approach to an existing treatment is provided to participants enrolled on a research study. The investigators will try to determine the safety and efficacy of the intervention.


Who should I email if I haven’t heard about my application?

Please don’t hesitate to email info@kindredfoundation.ca for any information about your application.


Who can submit an application?

In addition to a parent, family member or caregiver, a social worker or a member of the child’s oncology Care Team can also submit an application to the U-Link Patient and Family Fund for a family with a child who has to travel for a phase 1 or 2 cancer clinical trial.


What are some other important things to know?

·     Please complete your application with as much information as possible.  Any missing or false information may cause your application to not be funded.

·     The U-Link Patient and Family Fund is not meant to be your only source of financial assistance.  Please see the other programs in your province that may be able to help you.

·     Support provided is intended for the patient and one caregiver to access the clinical trial.


What the U-Link Patient and Family Fund can not do:

·     We can not support travel for appointments to determine eligibility, second opinions, or follow-up appointments.

·     Expenses that are not related to travel for treatment (e.g., mortgage, childcare costs, etc.).

·     Travel for visits from other family members or caregivers.

·     We can not accept receipts that are older than 6 months.

·     There are other financial supports listed on the U-Link website that may be accessed in addition to the U-Link Patient and Family Fund.


Eligible Expenses:

·     Travel costs (All attempts should be made to access travel support such as Hope Air)

·     Food

·     Accommodations (see below)

·     Out-of-pocket medication costs

Accommodation Requests:

·     If available, all attempts should be made to access charity lodging such as a Ronald McDonald House.

·     Patients must be enrolled and receiving treatment on a phase 1 or 2 clinical trial and travelling to a hospital that is 150kms or more from their home (exceptions are considered).


Gas Requests:

·     Gas assistance is provided when driving the patient to/from treatment appointments.

·     Please provide information in your application on the distance travelled by car, dates, and kilometres travelled.